Here on Mightifier we like to celebrate character strengths and in October our Strength of the Month is creativity! It is a familiar word but what does it really mean to be creative? Have you seen someone making things in new and alternative ways? Or have you seen someone solve problems by connecting things that aren’t usually related to each other? If your answer was “Yes” you’ve spotted creativity in the daily behavior of someone around you!

Sometimes people think the most important thing in creativity is to create as many and as amazing new things as possible. But there’s no need to measure or compare creative behavior! It is one of the most important things in creative processes to enjoy creating something new. It’s not only the destination where you can spot creativity – you can see it also on the journey!

The amazing things in all the character strengths is that you can always develop them. It doesn’t matter whether creativity already is one of your top strengths or not, you can always improve in it. Here are three simple exercises you can do any day to boost your creativity. Ask your friends to participate too because “The more the merrier” is a good saying for creativity too.

1. The circle challenge

Start by drawing 20 circles on a piece of paper. Now take a timer and give yourself one minute for the task: to turns as many of the circles as possible into something else by adding to them. For example one circle could turn into a smiling emoji and another one a tennis ball. Let your mind get creative! You can do the same exercise with squares or triangles too.


2. New ways to use

Do this exercise with a friend or even two. Take any object you see around, e.g. a hair brush or a pencil. Take turns in coming up with a new ways to use that object. How many new ways to use you can come up with?


3. Mighty creative feedback

Give your friend a positive feedback based on character strengths and daily behavior – but in a whole new way! Give your feedback in the form of a poem or maybe you could make a rap it? Or could you incorporate some foreign language or some lyrics of your favorite song to it? Sky is the limit, get creative and have fun doing it!


Is creativity one of your top strengths? Is it something you would like to develop? Have fun with these mighty creative exercises and remember to give positive feedback on creativity if you see someone using it!

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